• BE704 1335 NEWCASTLE en route EXPECTED 1343

  • BE1556 1355 MALAGA en route EXPECTED 1350

  • BE312 1400 JERSEY / GUERNSEY

  • BE3501 1430 PARIS CDG

  • AF6529 1430 PARIS CDG

  • CX9320 1430 PARIS CDG

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CO2 Calculator

Exeter International Airport offers passengers the opportunity of using a CO2 calculator.

Following the calculation, passengers are invited to contribute to co2balance.com schemes that will minimise the effect of their flight's carbon emissions. The South West company will invest funds in sequestration or energy efficiency projects that absorb or prevent the release of the CO2 equivalent to the Carbon Footprint of the flight.

co2balance.com retain full direct control of all offset projects and unlike any other provider of Voluntary Carbon Offsets all projects are fully transparent and verified. Offset is by way of the purchase and cancellation of EU Emissions Allowances in accordance with the draft Government Code of Best Practice.