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  • BE304 1315 DUBLIN LANDED 1329

  • TOM6601 1430 PALMA DE MALLORCA en route EXPECTED 1552

  • BE704 1450 NEWCASTLE en route EXPECTED 1503

  • BE1535 1350 AMSTERDAM DEPARTED 1357

  • BE315 1400 GUERNSEY

  • BE3795 1525 BERGERAC

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The following may be displayed when the Status information is available:
Expected | Estimated | Landed | Diverted | Cancelled     


Time Date Flight From Status
1315 30APR16 BE304 DUBLIN LANDED 1329
1430 30APR16 TOM6601 PALMA DE MALLORCA en route EXPECTED 1552
1450 30APR16 BE704 NEWCASTLE en route EXPECTED 1503
1450 30APR16 BE4332 FARO en route EXPECTED 1444
1550 30APR16 BE316 GUERNSEY
1725 30APR16 BE1536 AMSTERDAM
1905 30APR16 BE3796 BERGERAC
2130 30APR16 BE4312 MALAGA
0025 30APR16 TOM6639 TENERIFE South estimated ? 0145

... information also available on Flightline: 01392 367 433 (option 1)

Exeter Airport is not liable for any inconvenience or loss suffered as the result of the reliance this information. 


  • Expected times are usually displayed when the aircraft has departed the distant airport.
  • Estimated times may be displayed where a large variation to the scheduled time is anticipated.
  • Landed times will be displayed when the aircraft has arrived at Exeter Airport.
  • Diverted aircraft information will be displayed if the aircraft is diverted to another airport.
  • Cancelled flights will be displayed if the aircraft is not departing on the scheduled service. More details may be available at Important Information
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