• BE372 0950 MANCHESTER

  • EY6089 0950 MANCHESTER

  • TOM6500 0600 MAHON

  • BE1425 0700 MALAGA

  • BE371 0700 MANCHESTER

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The following may be displayed when the Status information is available:
Expected | Estimated | Landed | Diverted | Cancelled     


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Exeter International Airport is not liable for any inconvenience or loss suffered as the result of the reliance this information.  
Flight Information is also available on Flightline: 01392 367 433 (option 1). In the event of severe delay or cancellation, further information may be available on:  01392 367 433 (option 2)


  • Expected times are usually displayed when the aircraft has departed the distant airport.
  • Estimated times may be displayed where a large variation to the scheduled time is anticipated.
  • Landed times will be displayed when the aircraft has arrived at Exeter Airport.
  • Diverted aircraft information will be displayed if the aircraft is diverted to another airport.
  • Cancelled flights will be displayed if the aircraft is not departing on the scheduled service. More details may be available at Important Information
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