Corporate Aviation (XLR)

Executive Jet Centres


Exeter Airport’s dedicated corporate aviation facility for private and chartered corporate aircraft is known as XLR Executive Jet Centres. The XLR FBO stands within its own jet centre away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal building.

The centre has a dedicated VIP lounge and crew facilities, plus experienced staff to provide weather briefings and slot information, ground handling arrangements, catering, refuelling, baggage and aircraft handling.

The XLR Staff can provide convenient quick transfers access to the city of Exeter and to other areas of Devon together with Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset.

The airport has quick and easy access to major road networks that connect Exeter to Plymouth, Taunton and on to Bristol.

All Aircraft with a MTOW of 1800KG and above and Rotary of 1T and above are subject to prior permission (PPR) and Mandatory Handling via XLR at Exeter Airport. All fixed wing aircraft with a MTOW of 1500 KG – 1799 KG requiring any duration parking on airport operated aprons/grass and/or Jet A1 fuel or any aircraft with MTOW less than 1499 KG requiring Jet A1 fuel, are always subject to prior PPR via XLR. All aircraft arriving without booking and falling into the mandatory handling category may be subject to higher fees.

Ground Services

Marshalling | Parking (both on the Southside and the Northside of the airport) | Corporate Handling | Water and Toilet Service | Customs and Immigration Clearance (Also see GAR )

UK Border Force GAR requirement

An operator or pilot of a general aviation aircraft is required to report international or Channel Islands journeys to or from the UK, unless they are travelling outbound directly from the UK.

The General Aviation Report (GAR) submitted online will be distributed to Border Force and the Police to facilitate the smooth passage of legitimate persons and goods across the border and prevent crime and terrorism in the Common Travel Area.

The aircraft commander has a legal responsibility for all persons and goods carried.

Technical Data

ICAO: EGTE –  IATA: EXT | Runway Length: 2076 metres x 45 metres (asphalt) | Runway Approach Bars: 08/26 with runway lights | Aerodrome Elevation: 100ft | Navigational Aids: ILS Radar, DRDF, NDB, DME (36x) | Coordinates: 50° 44′ 4″ N, 3° 24′ 50″ W


Exeter Dispatch frequency: 131.680 (messages passed will be relayed to XLR)
ATC Tower frequency: 119.805


Jet A1 and Avgas operated by Exeter Airport.
Cards accepted: All major credit cards, UVAir, AVCard, Colt International, Multiservice WFS, AEG & BP Sterling Card

VIP Lounge / Crew Rest Facility

A quiet environment remote from the passenger terminal offering: Complimentary beverages and snacks, newspapers and magazines | Self-service bar | Wi-Fi and digital television, smoking area and an excellent viewing area looking out over the runway


Menus are available; please ask the agent meeting your aircraft or send an email to the XLR Staff at the addresses listed below.
XLR is partnered with Ali’s Country Kitchen offering bespoke in-flight catering options.
We can supply hot water, ice, newspapers, magazines and beverages directly from the Jet centre (charges apply).
XLR can also hold catering items required for the aircraft in our fridges and freezers.


Chauffeur driven vehicles including, Mercedes, 4×4 and other luxury vehicles are available on request and using the Airport taxi Company, Apple, taxis for clients and crew can be booked. Corporate rates apply to all services when booked through XLR.

Aircraft Charter

XLR can provide corporate jet charters and work with the leading aircraft Brokers to make sure our clients get the best deal possible.


XLR accept all major credit cards, British Pounds and Bank Transfers with notice.

Contact XLR

SITA: (Exeter Dispatch) EXTOOXH

Email: [email protected] – Primary contact

Telephone: +44 (0)1392 354 995 | FAX: +44 (0)1392 353 939

+44 (0)7980 937566   – Luke Wells, XLR Deputy FBO Manager

+44 (0)7970543912    – Beth Gilhooly, Executive Coordinator

Address: XLR Executive Jet Centres, Exeter Airport, Exeter EX5 2BD.


The region has it all when it comes to business or leisure accommodation and this includes excellent shooting lodges and luxury country hotels.

Exeter Airport is part of the Rigby Group and the Eden Hotel Collection hotels are also part of the Group. In the local area is Bovey Castle.

Bovey Castle

Bovey Castle is history, excitement, glamour, adventure and the perfect retreat.  Bovey Castle is a place where you can live out your dreams, then put your feet up.

North Bovey, Devon, TQ13 8RE (40 mins)

Mercure Southgate Hotel

The 4-star hotel located in a central, yet quiet part of Exeter has free WIFI and car parking when booked through XLR.

Sport, game and fishing

XLR works very closely with the many sport game and fishing lodges and hotels in and around Devon and Somerset and we can provide through our partners British International Helicopters excellent rates on helicopter transfers. We are also the closest international airport to the prime hunting estates in Devon.