23 Dec 2023 - 16 Mar 2024 & 21 Dec 2024 - 15 Mar 2025
Crystal Ski Holidays
23 Dec 2023 - 16 Mar 2024 & 21 Dec 2024 - 15 Mar 2025
Crystal Ski Holidays

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    Fly from Exeter Airport to Chambéry Airport 

    Currency = Euro

    Exeter Airport offers flights to Chambéry, a French town in the Rhone Alps, from December to March on every Saturday.

    During the winter months Chambéry has more to offer than just great skiing and should the slopes not call the traveller then perhaps the wonderful culture of Chambéry can entice you.

    Chambéry was once home to the House of Savoy and the Savoyard capital from 1295 through to 1563 before the Duke Emmanuel Philibert moved his capital to Turin and up until 1860 was part of the Duchy of Savoy until ceded to France. The Castle of the Dukes of Savoy, Chambéry Castle is now the council offices and guided tours can be taken. The Sainte Chapelle was used to house the Turin Shroud on its capture during the crusades before it was moved to Turin.

    A visit to the old town will reveal the Fontaine des Marmousets where you can sit in one of the many restaurants or coffee shops and enjoy the ambience as well as the coffee and the food.

    The Savoy Museum houses many historic items of interest and detail the history of Chambéry within the Duchy of Savoy.

    The Museum of Fine Arts has a large collection by Italian renaissance artists and well as some French artists.

    As you would expect with any decent town in France there are plenty of opportunities to try out the local foods, wines and alcoholic drinks, one that should be tried is Chambéry fraise, this is a vermouth made with strawberries.

    During December, there is the wonderful Christmas market to be experienced where you can pick up unique items to adorn your own tree or special items for friends and loved ones. The Market is a colourful and bustling affair where seasonal foods can be tried direct at the stalls.

    During February Chambéry also hosts its annual carnival where the town comes out onto the streets to watch the floats, dancers and performers pass on by.

    Flights to Chambéry from Exeter Airport offers these unique experiences to you yours by clicking one of the options above.

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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Arrivals Hall Status
    PALMA DE MALLORCATOM6201 landed 12:44
    TUITOM620112:45ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)landed 12:44
    EDINBURGHLM315 landed 13:42
    LoganairLM31513:20ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)landed 13:42
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS510 landed 14:15
    SkybusIOS51013:30ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)landed 14:15
    LoganairLM54515:35ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)
    TENERIFE SouthTOM6243
    Blue IslandsSI220610:05ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)
    SkybusIOS50410:15ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)
    LoganairLM31513:20ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)
    SkybusIOS51013:30ARRIVALS (TERMINAL)
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    EDINBURGHLM316 departed 14:25LoganairLM31613:50departed 14:25
    TENERIFE SouthTOM6242 departed 13:54TUITOM624214:00departed 13:54
    LANDS ENDIOS511 estimated 14:40SkybusIOS51114:00estimated 14:40
    NEWCASTLELM546 LoganairLM54616:05
    JERSEYSI2207 Blue IslandsSI220710:35
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS505 SkybusIOS50510:45
    EDINBURGHLM316 LoganairLM31613:50
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS511 SkybusIOS51114:00
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