Flybe’s last 146 flight

End of Island's scheduled jet service

Flybe is to mark the passing of an era on 26-Oct-08 by offering passengers the opportunity to fly on its very last BAe 146 flight when the aircraft makes its final positioning flight from Guernsey to Exeter. Not only will this be Flybe’s last 146 flight but the end of what is currently the only scheduled jet service operating to and from the island.  

Tickets are on sale now at £31.99 one way including taxes and airport charges.  Flybe introduced the 146 jet series into Guernsey in 1995 with the 70-seat 100-series before moving on to the 200 series and finally the 112-seat 300-series that has been operating on the route since 2002. The 146 was especially suited to Guernsey as it has a particularly good short field performance on both departure and arrival, as indeed does the Embraer 195 that Flybe had hoped to replace it with.

Mike Rutter, Flybe’s Chief Commercial Officer says:  “The 146 was a wonderful workhorse in its day but times have moved on with volatile oil prices and concerns around noise and environmental issues making its continued service unsustainable.”

“We had hoped to continue offering our Guernsey passengers a continued jet aircraft service with our new 112-seat state of the art Embraer 195 that, with its comfortable 2×2 seat configuration, has proved so popular on several of our other key routes. However, this has proved not to be.”

“Nevertheless, we bid a fond farewell to the last Flybe 146 as the aircraft departs our fleet for good – and formally welcome the Q400 turboprop into service that, although smaller, has become the mainstay of our new environmentally sensitive, fuel efficient fleet.”

“We realise that the 146 means a lot to enthusiasts and, to meet requested demand, are therefore pleased to offer them a chance to be a part of history and mark the passing of an era by flying on this final historic flight, both for Flybe and for Guernsey.”