New London Runways Report

A more definite move to supporting regional airports - encouraged by Exeter...

Exeter Airport welcomes the Airports Commission Interim Report by Sir Howard Davies which has been investigating where to build new runways in the London area.  However, this does not appear to be the best possible solution for regional airports as it would appear to focus disproportionately on the South East.

Commenting on the findings, Matt Roach, Exeter Airport’s managing director said: “We would actively encourage work to ensure the UK has a successful network of point to point airports and sufficient hub capacity to keep it competitive within other European and worldwide markets.

“To ensure this is not at the detriment of the growth of the rest of the UK airports, and regional airports in particular, we would encourage the Commission to push ahead but to ensure that there is a more definite move to supporting regional airports and a recognition that surface access, and the impact on the transport infrastructure as a result, will require more investment.

 “Key to this will be the support of the Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships to ensure that proper consideration is given when prioritising local transport investment.

 “Exeter Airport will continue to work alongside our stakeholders to ensure that we can deliver for our passengers, local businesses and the local economy.”