Not the purr-fect start to the holiday

Alicante passengers find cat in car!

A family arriving for their flight from Exeter Airport to Alicante this afternoon had to make a hasty return trip home when their next door neighbour’s cat was found in the back of the car.
The family of six had a surprise when unloading baggage before checking-in for their 16:50 Flybe flight and had to drive 25 miles back to their home in East Devon where the cat was reunited with the next door neighbour.
All the departing passengers managed to make the flight to Spain with all the baggage they intended to take… and without the Ali(cante)cat. 
However, two of the children’s’ cases needed a quick wipe over following a slight feline accident.

There is no animal holding unit at Exeter and the airport is not licensed to bring animals into the country.  However, Flybe will arrange for recognised assistance dogs to travel on domestic flights and on international routes from Exeter.

Airpets will offer alternative services through other airports and owners of animals travelling to the UK under the Government’s Pet Travel Scheme should be aware of the latest regulations.