Fly from Exeter Airport to Naples with Ryanair on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Situated on the south coast of Italy, Naples is a picturesque and magical city dating back to the 7th century BC and is new from Exeter for 2019.

Naples is a hub for rich cultural and historical attractions, including the fascinating Naples National Archaeological Museum, whose collection boasts ancient artwork and sculptures from both the city and nearby historical sites.

The Royal Palace is a must-see central Naples destination. The restored ballroom, furnishings and theatre each assert the majestic beauty of Naples’ bygone sovereigns. Prepare to be bewitched by astounding architecture, romantic period interior design and a marriage between mythology and monarchy.

Nine kilometres from the city, lies the awe-inspiring Mount Vesuvius volcano. Thrill-seekers may want to take the mountain trail and adventure right up to the crater, 1,170m above sea level. Here, visitors can be moved by breath-taking views of the landscape and the ruined Roman city of Pompeii, which is just half an hour from the city centre and was buried under volcanic ash in AD79.

Alternatively, for a more relaxed experience, eat out at Naples’ oldest Pizza restaurant, the Antica Pizzeria Port’alba, the home of authentic Neapolitan cuisine. Local and fine dining mix modern and traditional styles, meaning there is something for everyone.

With its warm summer climate of 31°C and close proximity to the sea, Naples is a perfect destination if you are looking for a beach getaway. Some of the highlights include the stunning Gaiola Beach and Bagno Elena beach.

Or explore the stunning Amalfi coast with its beautiful coastal towns of Sorrento and Positano nearby, and the islands of Capri, Ischia and lesser-known Procida just a short ferry ride away.

Local bars and cafés are an essential part of the city and ensure a vibrant nightlife long after the beautiful Naples sunset.

The sights and sounds of Naples can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including tours, boat trips and pleasant, scenic walks.

Fly from Exeter Airport to Naples with Ryanair on Wednesdays and Sundays.