Travellers’ change raises Ìâå£1,000

Donations for 2007 charity of the year - Hospiscare

07/03/2008 – Donation for airport’s 2007 charity of the year, Hospiscare

Travellers using Exeter Airport in 2007 were responsible for donating nearly £1,000 for the airport’s charity of the year, Hospiscare. 

Hospiscare, which is Exeter’s local hospice, offering high quality care and support to people with life-threatening illnesses, recently audited their donations from the airport and sent a certificate of thanks for monies collected last year. The sum of £995.60 was made up from coinage put into the ‘spinner’ collection bins and foreign currency from passengers returning to the UK.

Louise Beeken from Hospiscare described the donation as “fantastic” and Airport spokesman Stephen Ayres said;  “We are very pleased to play our part in helping the charity raise funds for specialised nurses in the community and maintain its centre in Exeter.  Our passengers have been very generous but the money donated was just £4.40 short of the magic figure of £1,000.” 

Exeter Airport’s passengers in 2008 are supporting the Stroke Association and there are ten donation points for coinage.  Mr Ayres went on to say; “Whist we changed our charity of the year on 1 January, we would encourage anyone who would like to be seen as rounding up the 2007 donations for Hospiscare, to donate £4.40 direct to the charity.”