Airport Staff Sun Protection Initiatives

Company-issued sun screen to protect staff from UVA rays

Airport employees who spend work time in the sun this summer will be able to use a company-issued sun screen to protect their skin from the harmful effects of the sun and UVA rays.

The bottles of Ultrasun lotion, with a sun protection factor of 30, are being distributed to staff as part of the airport’s ‘Zero Harm’ initiative and they come branded with the safety campaign’s logo specially printed on the on the label by the manufacturer.

Commenting on the latest idea to keep staff safe at work, Exeter Airport’s director of operations, Stephen Wiltshire said: “We have just received our first one hundred bottles of the specially labelled Ultrasun product and those who are out in the open during the summer months will be encouraged to use the lotion before undertaking their duties.

“Aircraft marshallers, baggage handlers and dispatchers are just some of the airport workers who can find themselves on the apron for many hours of the day in hot weather. In providing sun protection we are doing what we can to help protect their areas of skin exposed to the sunshine.”

In another preventative Zero Harm measure, Exeter Airport is also doing a trial using peaked caps for members of staff exposed to the sun as they go about their daily routine. The use of Musto sailing caps, by people working around aircraft, will cut down the brightness and the effects of direct sun.

Using the sailing cap’s short cord and clip it will be attached to clothing and in the unlikely event that a gust wind blew the cap off, it would not become what the airport calls foreign object debris (FOD), which could become a concern in close proximity to aircraft.

Mr Wiltshire continued: “The hot spell earlier this year has prompted the sun screen and sun cap ideas and we look forward to our staff embracing these initiatives.”