Blue Islands goes carbon neutral

Blue Islands is committed to every one of its flights being carbon neutral from 1 December 2021 through a new partnership with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The local airline will balance the carbon impacts of delivering regional air connectivity, which is a vital part of island infrastructure.

Rob Veron, CEO Blue Islands said, “Connecting people, whether for our social wellbeing or economic prosperity, is an essential part of island life. We recognise that this necessity comes at a cost to our planet, for which we all need to take responsibility and part of this is ensuring our air services are as sustainable as possible. By becoming carbon neutral, we are taking this vital first step in our journey towards our long-term goal of fully replacing the technology that we use.

“With our heart in the Channel Islands, we’re proud to partner with an organisation that has developed an accountable, transparent and scientific programme to fully balance our carbon impacts for every flight, and that is synonymous with Jersey.”

In addition to offsetting its carbon impact in the short-term, Blue Islands is seeking to further reduce its impact through next generation technologies as they evolve for commercial use and reducing its emissions as much as possible in the interim. A longer-term zero carbon target is the ultimate goal.

Durrell’s Rewild Carbon programme has four central pillars: Revive ecosystems; Recover species; Reduce carbon; Rebuild livelihoods. 95% of all monies the programme receives goes straight to nature. The first project is in the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil. It is a holistic programme covering reforestation, as well as animal and human regeneration to create a sustainable ecosystem in a previously ravaged rainforest area.

From today, all seats booked to fly from 1 December 2021 will include a £1 Carbon Offset Contribution that will be put towards fully balancing the carbon impacts for every flight.

Dr Lesley Dickie, CEO Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust said, “We are delighted that Blue Islands has chosen to work with Durrell to manage its carbon emissions via Rewild Carbon. There is an urgent need to tackle both the climate and biodiversity crisis and we all need to take responsibility for reducing our carbon footprint and making sustainable choices.

“Rewild Carbon achieves so much more than removing carbon from the atmosphere -our project is also packed with biodiversity and community benefits that will protect both people and wildlife.

“Connectivity is a vital part of island life and Blue Islands’ commitment to Rewild Carbon means that we will be able accelerate our plans to connect forest fragments in the Atlantic Rainforest. We are looking forward to sharing updates with their customers on the growth of this forest and the wonderful wildlife that live there.”

For more information on Rewild Carbon and Blue Islands’ vital first step for a sustainable future, see www.blueislands.com/ourplanet