Five* Check-in – Which? Ranking

Five star efficiency rating for passenger check-in

In a Which? on-line survey of 30 UK airports, Exeter has gained a maximum five star efficiency rating for passenger check-in and has been ranked fourth overall.

The report, published in the April edition of Which?, stated that Exeter is a “regional high-flier” and “performed well” in the biggest survey of its kind.  Which? highlighted some of the fifty routes from the airport and noted that Exeter’s owner Regional and City Airports (RCA) also owns Blackpool, the airport in number one position.

The survey, which was conducted by the independent consumer organisation in October and November of 2008, asked over 9,000 UK airport users to rate their satisfaction on aspects of their airport experience and likelihood to recommend a UK airport they had used within the previous 12 months.

Welcoming the results of the survey, Exeter’s managing director, Jamie Christon said: “This is an outstanding result for Exeter; the top five ranking is as tribute to the staff who work so hard to offer that little bit extra when it comes to customer care.  It’s just a pity that the study was carried out before the introduction of our new passenger facilities.  I feel sure that we would have gained another two stars for our new shops and airside amenities and gone to the number one slot if the study was undertaken now.”

With a 73 per cent satisfaction rating Exeter was just seven points behind top spot and its aim to be the airport of choice for the South West is well on track as other airports in the region faired less well.  Bristol and Newquay airports were placed thirteenth and fourteenth and Plymouth did not appear in the survey.  Heathrow was the worst performing; scoring just 31 per cent and Gatwick’s terminals joined Heathrow’s in the bottom six places.

Lorna Cowan, editor of Which? Holiday, said: “It seems clear that Which? members prefer the experience of flying from smaller regional airports to using the larger ones.  So it is well worth looking into the routes offered from smaller airports when planning a holiday to short-haul destinations.”