More Airport rush-hour Buses

Stagecoach Service 56 Changes

Stagecoach will be introducing additional morning and evening rush-hour buses to the 56 timetable.

The new timetable will benefit Exeter Airport bus services and come into effect from Monday 23 February 2015.

Key points:

  •     Monday to Friday morning and evening peak services will increase to up to every half an hour.


  •     The additional morning rush-hour buses will now arrive at Exeter Airport Terminal at 06:55 (leaving Exeter St David’s at 06:25 and Exeter Bus station at 06:35) and 08:20 (leaving Exeter St David’s at 07:45 and Exeter Bus station at 07:55).


  •     The additional evening buses back to Exeter Bus station will leave the airport at 18:05 and 19:10. (The 19:10 service will also call at Exeter St David’s, arriving at 19:42)